The Plus

There has to be a reason why so many professional clients decide to entrust to The Decibel Studio the destiny of their most important productions; in truth,  we try to increase day by day the reasons for the great appreciation that we receive from our customers. Here are some:

Very high quality of production and post production tools

Sophisticated microphone systems, soundproof recording booths, audio mixer and processors, post production software and encoding of new concepts , pursuing an only goal: obtaining a perfect sound, immune from imperfections and distortions. Only in this way The Decibel Studio is able to offer the 100% guarantee of his whole production.

A voices park of a very high quality

If you listento the advertising spots of the main national tv and radio channels, probably you are listening to one of our voices. Visit the demo area to verify it in person.

Very rapid delivery time

We know that time is the most valuable resource for any production process.
For this reason we agree with the customer, for every order, the date and time of delivery, respecting them scrupulously.

Absolutely affordable prices

We like to confront us with economic offers of the other professional studios: you may need one single advertising spot, or work on a complex multimedia project, ask us a quotation: you’ll be positively surprised by the high price/quality ratio. We have reduced advertising costs to contain the prices: we entrust our promotion to the quality of our productions.

Visit the demo section to listen to some of our productions.